12 amazingly cruel anti-suffregette cartoons from the 19th century


notice how the anti-feminist rhetoric hasn’t changed? “Oh, you’re a feminist? you must never get laid, haha! that’s why you want equal rights for women!”

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I hate when people say they “need feminism” because of how many women are raped or because of the rate of domestic violence and ESPECIALLY about patriarchy in non-western countries.

Yes, those are all problems, but what is feminism doing to solve them? You can’t just tell people that they need to follow your way of thinking because certain problems exist and then offer no solution to the problem. I’m sorry, but bitching about the sexualization of women on your tumblr blog isn’t going to lower the rate of rape.

I’m sorry, but telling people that ‘but bitching about the sexualization of women on your tumblr blog isn’t going to lower the rate of rape.” is not going to lower the rate of rape.

What have you done or tried to do to lower the rate of rape?

Or do you just pretend to care because you don’t like people trying to fight against rape?

Bitching about sexualization of women on tumblr, sharing experiences, bad or good, talking about it, discussing about it, HELPS.


It helps because victims of abuses, people who have been insulted, bullied, discover that they are not alone, they discover that their opinions still matter, contrary to what their agressors have made them believe or think. They discover a space where they can voice their experiences, their anger, their advices…

Bitching on tumblr, sharing, exchanging allow people who have not experience anything like this to learn, to understand, to think…

Sharing has always been a way to learn. Learning is a way to change oneself first, the world next. It’s a way to defend oneself and to instruct others. 

That’s why free speech is important. 


Contrary to popular belief, feminists have always had a sharp sense of humor.


Contrary to popular belief, feminists have always had a sharp sense of humor.

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A feminism comic I did for my uni’s newspaper. I wish I had a bit more time to work on it, but I’m pleased with how it came out considering the tight deadline!

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You know, equality is a myth, and for some reason, everyone accepts the fact that women don’t make as much money as men do. I don’t understand that. Why do we have to take a backseat? I truly believe that women should be financially independent from their men. And let’s face it, money gives men the power to run the show. It gives men the power to define value. They define what’s sexy. And men define what’s feminine. It’s ridiculous. — Beyonce Knowles dropping truth bombs in GQ Magazine | February 2013 (via grasstomyknees)

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It sucks when someone you have feelings for doesn’t share those feelings; it happens to women all the time, too. We hear “I just want to be friends” and “you’re like one of the guys” and “you’re like a sister to me” just as often. But you’ll never hear a woman complain that guys just don’t appreciate a Nice Girl because we’re taught it’s our own fucking fault when we’re rejected—we aren’t pretty enough or thin enough or sexy enough, we weren’t sexual enough or were too sexual, we put out too much or too little or too soon or not soon enough, we didn’t wear our hair the right way or our skirt the right length, we’re “too tomboyish” or “too butch” or “too feminine”, or we’re “not their type”, or we’re otherwise not good enough in various ways to entice the man to grace us with his affection.

But when we’re not interested in someone, we’re vilified. We’re the bitch that lead them on, the bitch who let them buy us dinner but didn’t want to date them, the bitch who doesn’t appreciate a nice guy, the bitch they were nice to and then got nothing in return from.

And, frankly, fuck those people. Showing interest in me, being friendly with me, getting close to me, or eating a meal with me (even if they paid for it) doesn’t obligate me to open my heart or my legs. And anyone who doesn’t appreciate my friendship sure as hell doesn’t deserve my love or my pussy.


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  • feminists: Women read certain behaviours as creepy and/or rapey; that's just how they come across to women because sexual assault.
  • dudebro: But that's not why I do those things. I'm a special and unique individual.
  • feminists: The woman doesn't care that you're special and unique individual. It is a matter of not getting assaulted for her. Rapists think of themselves as special too.
  • dudebro: But I'd never assault her. If she knew me she wouldn't think that! I'm nice and polite and I rescue stray puppies.
  • feminists: Are you being deliberately dense or are you seriously incapable of understanding that women want to avoid violence more than they want to get to know some random dude.
  • dudebro: It's just not FAIR that my special unique eminent self should suffer because of what other guys do.
  • feminists: Have you tried talking to your male relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances about male violence?
  • dudebro: No! Why should men need to change? Women just need to become less sensitive.
  • feminists: OK, never mind, let's set them all on fire.


how dare women!!!!

women say thing!!! NO!!!!!!! men r here now

u go

we make kitchen jokes


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hey what if someone invented a machine that allowed women to transfer their pregnancies to men and then the government passed a law that if a woman didn’t want to have a baby the biological father was required to carry it how fast do you think birth control would stop being an issue

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i swear if moffat writes amy sneezing and rory giving her a tissue the fandom would assume because rory provided the tissue for amy and that amy couldn’t go get her own tissue that moffat is a sexist and wants to show that all men should provide women with tissues and women aren’t strong enough to get their own tissues

yes, that is exactly what our objection is. I know if a man ever got me a tissue, my ladyparts would LEAP FROM MY BODY AND SUFFOCATE HIM BECAUSE HE DARED HAND ME SOMETHING. That’s the main advantage of being a feminist. 

wow,theyve got us pegged so clearly, that is exactly my issue with moffat

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